Our holistic approach to transforming your career focusses on pivotal skills, Emerging technologies, trending platforms and hot new tools and a “seven-step” transformation process as given below

Technology Re-alignment options include

  • Acquiring Cloud Database and Data Warehousing Skills
  • Acquiring SIEM /Log Automation skills
  • Acquiring Multi-Cloud Orchestration Skills
  • Acquiring DevOps skills
All the above are done through structured career transformation sessions which are programs that are comprehensive, career-defining and FREE! So take advantage of Efreya’s career transformation programs and empower yourself!
* A processing fee is charged for Course Completion Certificate

Career Transformation Program 1 ( CTP1)

Cloud Database and Data Warehousing

  • Cloudify your database skills
  • Cloudifying doubles your market value….having cloud-native database development expertise fast tracks your career.
  • Nearly all new development is cloud-native. So cloudify yourself to move to lucrative, exciting and challenging development work, as against being stuck in legacy and maintenance work
  • Adding Matillion skills helps you in cloud-native datawarehousing
  • Cloud-native datawarehousing is more ELT than ETL…. So you get to work in the new paradigm, the new trend.
  • Going forward all datawarehousing work will be cloud-native. Traditional DWH skills will be less in demand and jobs there will taper off.
Technology Re-alignment
Multicloud Orchestration

Career Transformation Program 2 ( CTP2)

Multicloud Orchestration

  • Native single cloud implementations have their limitations
  • Most Fortune 5000 companies are moving to multicloud
  • Multicloud is the trend of the future
  • Native, own-vendor tools will help you manage a single cloud environment only
  • With Multicloud tools, you get to virtualize different cloud vendors into a single cloud
  • You get to stay cloud-vendor-neutral
  • Quickly become a multicloud resource to be ready for the market of tomorrow.

Career Transformation Program 3 ( CTP3)

Fullstack / Python

  • Move from traditional internet apps to cloud-native apps
  • Choose from MEAN MERN ELK and Python to make yourself cloud-ready
  • Short transformation program takes your career to a different level
  • Most emerging jobs are in this space… will help you quickly increase your market value while being relevant for a larger set of opportunities
Fullstack / Python